Kerry and Tao were born in different ends of China and met at university in…Manchester! Postgraduates of Oxford and Cambridge, they now live in London where I met them both for an engagement session prior to their December wedding and blessing in China.

To continue this truly international thread, Tao flew out to New York this summer where Kerry was living and had some professional photos taken there as well New York photo session

As Kerry put it, they’re “following the seasons around the world!”. How magical!


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  • Kerry

    Thank you very much Richard for the GREAT photos! Absolutely love them!!!
    Cannot stop looking at the pics since I got the link this afternoon… 🙂

    It was a great day out in the city on such a warm and lovely Autumn day. Thank you for bringing the luck of nice weather! Tao and I have enjoyed the entire photo-shooting experience. Many thanks for your patience, professionalism, guidance, and spotting of all the great locations for fabulous shoots. Love the colour, details, naturalism, cosy feeling of the pics! Thank you!

    Kerry and Tao

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