In a nutshell, who are you?

We’re contemporary, documentary-style wedding photographers with an aversion to mundane photography. After all…it doesn’t do you justice!

What can you do for us?

We offer an exceptional, well-planned, hassle-free service with great communication before, on and after your wedding day. Oh…and we take beautiful photographs.

What value do you offer?

The value we give is not solely reflected in our photography. We give you piece of mind that we’ll listen to what you want, we won’t take over your day and we provide an excellent, professional service.

Your photography has a very distinct look. How would you describe it?

As well as creating beautiful, emotive images that our clients love, we also take photographs that we’re proud of ourselves. We’re always looking to reveal something unique in each wedding we photograph. It keeps us motivated and our photography fresh. Our documentary-style means we photograph what’s happening, when it’s happening without too much interruption or posed photos.

Do you always work together?

You can book us independently, or together, depending on your requirement and our availability. We photograph the large majority of our commissions together as there’s just so much to cover within the time available. Unless you’re based at one venue for the day we recommend 2 photographers.

Can you keep it low key?

We work quickly and discretely as a matter of course. Photography is an important part of your day, but your photographer shouldn’t take over.

Can we give you a list of photographs we want?

Having photographed over 200 weddings, we know what to look for. It’s the unplanned and spontaneous that make great photos and we constantly keep our eyes open for that. Of course, we photograph your cake, flowers and other details and we’re more than happy to take your ideas on board.

Do you make time for family photographs?

Absolutely. We appreciate the importance of your family photos. We recommend up to six setups which include the principal family members and wedding party. More than that and everyone gets a bit bored, there’s less time for your own photographs and suddenly you’ve only had one glass of bubbly and it’s time to eat!

What do you do the rest of the week?

We spend at least 3 days on each wedding we photograph, longer if video is involved. This includes meeting our clients, photographing their engagement session and wedding, editing several hundred photographs, uploading them to galleries and burning discs.

The rest of our working week is spent responding to enquiries, completing accounts, updating the website & blog, ordering prints, designing albums and various other bits & bobs involved with running a full-time business.

What’s the meaning of life, the universe and everything?

For us…love, laughter, passion and fulfillment. You’ll find all of these things in us and in your photographs.

If you have a question we haven’t answered, we’d love to hear from you!