I was going on holiday with Karen to Spain and had bought her ring and had a romantic proposal all planned out. My idea was to walk to the top of this huge bit of rock which juts out into the sea and has incredible panoramic views of the coast and mountains inland. We got about half way up when the path stopped and the only way to continue was to climb. Oh dear. Karen just looked at me, shook her head and started walking back down the hill repeating “no way Rich, no way”.

With the ring weighing (quite) heavily in my shorts, I thought ‘abort plan, back to the drawing board’. Just then, we saw this ancient woman trotting back down the side of the mountain like a mountain goat on speed. I volunteered to Karen that if  this agile old lady was able to get up to the top and down again with apparent ease, then so could she. Always rising to a challenge, Karen grumbled quite a lot, then scaled the near sheer face of rock. I produced the ring and poured my heart out to her 1000 metres above sea level under a cloudless deep blue sky.

She said ‘yes’.

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