You may have noticed our address is ‘The Old Bake House’. The building was originally used to bake bread for the village. Ironically it’s one of the coldest places on Earth. We heat the place with an enormous industrial woodburner, which isn’t worth putting on for the short time we’re in the house in the morning. Karen tripped over this Dyson product scurrying through John Lewis: The Dyson Bladeless Fan.

It’s amazing. It’s so futuristic it doesn’t seem possible that its actually invented and available now. We stick it on in the morning and we jump from 11 degrees to 16 in minutes.

We’re slightly worried that Meadow might stick her tiny head in it and travel through space and time. If this happens, how do we get her back?

On that note; we watched ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ again the other night. Great movie if you haven’t already seen it.

Stay warm, watch the movie and eat popcorn…

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